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Ursodiol ( also known as actigall generic) is a bile acid used to treat primary biliary cirrhosis. It decreases the amount of cholesterol in the human body produced by the liver and absorbed by the intestine. Ursodeoxycholic acid brand name of Ursodiol is also used instead of its actual name ursodiol over the counter. Its primary function is to treat gallstones. Ursodiol withdrawal may lead to significant deterioration.

What does Ursodiol do for the liver?

It tries to prevent the gallstones in the liver due to cholesterol.

How much time Ursodiol take for action?

You may have to take it for two years continuously for complete treatment of gallstones. After the gallstone’s complete dissolve, it may be taken for the next 3 to 4 months. So it can take unlimited time for comprehensive treatment.

How ursodeoxycholic acid capsules (Ursodiol) can be taken?

Read carefully the recommendations mentioned on the user guidance slip. Mostly it can be swallowed with any food. To ensure the correct dose of this tablet first break it into half, then take it. Each tablet is divided into the middle so make sure to break it.

Who is the manufacturer of Ursodiol?

It is present in different brand names like Actigall and Urso Forte. And many companies have license to produce it.


It is usein to rule out the cholesterol gallstones in the liver and break down different gallstones. It is mostly use by people who are rapidly losing weight and suffering from abuse and can not have a surgery due to health conditions.

Actigall Side Effects

Each and every medicine has some side effects because most artificial or chemical contaminated ingredients have side effects. Side effects are unwanted and unpleasant experiences or feelings after using a drug. These effects not only vary from drug to medicine. Also, these are associate with the dose take and the health condition of the patient. Some patients having poor health conditions may feel sides effects from a drug. But each drug producer tries to keep the side effects less by using different ingredients.
This medicine causes many following side effects.
Stomach Upsets like cramps, burning, and sensation.
Dizziness is a false sensation.
Back pain causes problems in sitting for a long time.
Nausea, which is a sense after vomiting.
Diarrhea and cough may also occur.

Ursodiol Pregnancy

Ursodiol in pregnancy is safe for both mother and unborn baby but only used with doctors’ prescriptions. Ursodeoxycholic acid dose in pregnancy is as in average condition. Ursodiol alternatives can also be use in pregnancy.

Ursodiol warning and precautions.

It is safe but does not take if you are allergic to it. Do not use if seal is broken or expired. Always be aware of duplicate products.

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