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Side Effects of Masturbation in male daily

Side effects of masturbation in male daily

Masturbation is having sexual pleasure by self. Many people feel more joyful in masturbation Than having regular sex with a partner. It is also noticed that many people think it very cool to masturbate with a partner rather than masturbating alone. While some people masturbate alone. The concept of masturbation is different in every mind due to unclear myths. Some people feel it is cringing, while others think it is part of our sexual life. Here we have some clear studies by the expert which are published about it. And also discuss some myths, benefits, and side effects of masturbation. Side Effects of Masturbation in male daily are listed below.

Man and women about masturbate. At the same time, the ratio of masturbation of men is more than women. And the people of the age of 14-17 masturbate more than any other group of people. Some people also feel guilty due to their habit of masturbation. People of age more than fifty do not masturbate in most cases. People feel guilty due to their religious beliefs and the limits set by society about masturbation. These are some necessary details about masturbation. Nowadays, most youngsters masturbate because they think it is expected as having sex.

Side effects of Masturbation in male daily

Side effects of Masturbation in male daily

Benefits of masturbation

After studies and research, the experts are now clear that masturbation is a healthy activity with a few side effects. People masturbate due to different reasons, as some masturbate for joy and enjoyment. Some people masturbate to release stress and tension. Many people masturbate with their partners because it gives them pleasure.

Side effects of masturbation

Masturbation is harmless in most cases. Some people may feel weakness due to over masturbation. Over masturbation may cause some health issues. Like some people think roughness of the skin but it will be expected after a couple of days. Some men may lose or decrease the sensation of sex due to hard masturbation. But it can be regained by chaining the technique. Unless these side effects due to the wrong approach or overdoing, masturbation is safe for health.

Myths about masturbation 

You will be surprised when you know myths about masturbation. Most things that are said about masturbation are myths. Many people tell many side effects of masturbation, which are myths proven by further research. Here are a few myths.

1 masturbation causes blindness.

2 falling of hairs.

3 loss of focusing ability.

shrinkage of the penis.

5 Lose of fertility.

6 Decrease of sperm count in men.

7 Mental health disturbed due to it.

8 Body become weak.

Here is exciting research that says that the women with the habit of masturbation spend a more happy 

marriage life than a woman who does not masturbate.

Some people may feel shy to talk about masturbation, but it becomes a part of life nowadays. So please do not feel scared of talking about it.

Some people may become addicted to masturbation. It is to be kept in mind that addiction will never go with excellent and healthy results. Some people who become addicted to it lose their mental peace due to over masturbation and their penis’ capability. It is unhealthy. In such a condition, please take the help of any expert or counselor to avoid the addiction because it may cause serious health problems.


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