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How to increase Sperm count?

How to increase Sperm count?

If you are suffering a fertility issue, then you are not alone. Studies say that out of every six couple, and one is facing the same issue. And out of three, one male partner has this issue. Now, what to do. From the known history till today, everyone needs and love kids. But sometimes it happens that a few people from us can have a baby just because of medical issues like fewer sperms counts. Sperm motility is a standard for it.

Number of Sperm count

The total number of sperm counts in every man is different because it has a range of normal sperms count vary from 15 million to 200 million in a single millimetre of sperm.

Sperm Count

Sperm Count

How can we increase them?

So there are many ways which can increase the number of sperms. But if the reason for fewer sperms is known than it is easy to increase the number of sperms
1. Get exercise regularly.
Yes, its right exercise is not only good for health. But it is essential to increase the sperms. And it is an essential part of treatment.
2 Take an essential amount of vitamin C.
As we know that the immune system depends on vitamin C. The fact is that it is necessary to take enough amount of it to increase the sperms.
3 Get vitamin D
It increases the testosterone in male and female, which is very best to increase fertility.
4 Relax to minimize the stress
Stress is hazardous to human health. Speciality for mental peace. It is a crucial point of such fertility issue. If you achieve the mental peace and minimize the stress, then increase of sperm may occur.
5 Eat Maca root
It is an excellent supplement to cure all fertility related issues.
Some other tips to increase the ratio of sperms.
Take complete sleep. Decrease weight by exercise. Decrease the assumption of alcohol because alcohol is the killer of fertility.


1 Wear loose boxers. May be cotton boxers.

2 Always be aware of your environment.
If come in touch with metal, pesticides or solvents etc.

3 Take your vitamins regularly.

4 Control biking habit.
Try to avoid longer bike rides. Biking more than 5 hours a week may cause a decrease in sperms.

5 Have regular exercise and Lose weight.
Heavyweight is the killer of sperms you must have to lose weight to increase the sperms; otherwise, all treatments are time waste if you did not lose the weight.

What to do?

It’s a ubiquitous question of what should a person along with medical treatment to get results soon. So here is a list of some suggestion if these are followed than here are a great chance of recovering very fast. First of all

1 Increase the intake of healthful fat.

2 Get some ashwagandha.

3 Try to get the least number of medication treatment. Always pretend to take a considerable amount of medicines.

4 stop taking drugs and alcohols. If you relay wants to be cured of this health issues.

5 Immediately quit smoking. It’s the root of every problem.

6 Take complete sleep and exercise.

7 Use some fenugreek supplements.

What not to do? To increase the number of sperms count.

It’s a frequently asked question. Many people ask what should a reason for our problem and what not to do. The answer is

1 As mentioned above, change clothes and get a shower if there is an exposure to solvents, metals pesticides etc. The limit your exposure to these things try to avoid such an environment which is contaminated with these impurities.

2 Reduce the intake of unhealthy fat and food.

3 Reduce intake of estrogen rich meal.

4 Limit the intake of soy.

What are the significant reasons of fewer sperm counts?

To get cured of this medical problem, one should know about the root reasons for this reason so that he could try to take avoid those habits or activity. It is a critical point in the treatment of this decease. Because if you do not know the reason for a problem, how could you get cured of it.
The one reason is oligospermia which is mainly characterized by the production of unhealthy sperm or less sperm count. It is a male fertility decrease. Other reasons are smoking and taking drugs regularly. Stress like emotional stress. Depression and heavy weight. Diabetes and obesity may also be a solid reason for this problem use of alcohols.

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