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Check, Print and Download Duplicate HESCO Bill Online

In the middle of this pandemic, the authorities have compelled us to stay quarantined and manage matters from home. Here our online bill checking service comes forth as a huge lifesaver. You wouldn’t need to step outside your doorstep, in case of losing your paper invoice. Just visit our site, deploy the reference information, and retrieve the digital invoice almost instantly. Our service can literally save your life in these perilous times. So, continue reading to find out how you can get the duplicate HESCO online bill without having to visit your service provider.

Online Billing in Pakistan

Since its first implementation, the billing system in Pakistan has been making little headways against systematic hindrances. But it wasn’t until the advent of the internet that it became near perfect.

Now, the system is secure, rapid, and based on superior technology. Having said that, you can not only check the HESCO bills online but also pay them through various remote means. For instance, one can satisfy his electricity, water, gas utility bills through an online banking account

What is HESCO?

HESCO, short for Hyderabad Electric Supply Company is an electric power distributor, that commenced its first large scale distribution back in 1998, after the official makeover of WAPDA power sector. The firm supplies power to 12 districts of the province of Sindh excluding Karachi having its separate electric generation company.

It facilitates more than one million people with electric power and these figures are going to multiply; as the company hopes to expand its boundaries. It plays a significant role in sustainable agriculture and industrial growth of many major cities of Sindh including Hyderabad — which is considered among the largest cities of Pakistan and the second largest in Sindh.

Components of online HESCO Bill

The bill generation system involves a good deal of human input, so the reliability is questionable. Still, most people pay their bills impulsively without going through the invoice. It gives the service provider a chance to overcharge for the power you never even consumed. Therefore, to expose billing errors, one must know how to interpret the bill. It might seem difficult at first, but with the help of our compiled information, it’d be a piece of cake. Plus, these components are similar for most bills like MEPCO, GEPCO electricity bills, etc. Let’s get started.

. Identifiers

In addition to your name and address, you might have noticed some unique codes on your invoice, including the reference number, meter number, and consumer ID. They are unique in the sense that a person’s name can repeat but not these codes. Each of them represents a particular electric connection to identify the owner of that channel. While checking HESCO bill, you can find these numbers here indicated by the red box below:

Updated: November 11, 2021 — 3:32 pm

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