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(what is Colestipol)

Colestipol (Colisted) is a cholesterol lowering drug. It is also used to reduce some other fatty substances in the body. Colestipol(colestipol micronized) for diarrhoea treatment is also useful. Colestipol HCl is also used for lowering LDL in the body. This drug is specific because the intestine cannot not absorb it. It binds with the bile acid and then it works. This medication eliminates the biles acid from the stool. In the human body, the liver produces bile acid from cholesterol.

These bile acids mostly cycled again and again in the body. Intestine reabsorbs bile acids. During the cycle, some bile acid lost’s. To regain cholesterol force the liver to produce more bile acid. Through this cycle, a very enough amount of cholesterol is utilizes. Cholesterol causes many health issues for the human body. This is the reason of using this medicine for cholesterol control. It is mostly used by people having a high level of cholesterol in the body.


Colestipol is used to lower the cholesterol level in blood. It is taken with any diet to low the cholesterol/ Low the fat substances in the body. It is also used for the treatment of diarrhoea which is caused by increasing cholesterol level in intestine. High cholesterol level causes heart attacks. So lowering cholesterol level in blood is very important to avoid serious results. Low cholesterol level makes our body healthy.

colestipol side effects

Every medicine has some side effects because most artificial or chemical contaminated ingredients have side effects. Side effects are unwant and unpleasant experiences or feelings after using a drug. These effects not only vary from drug to medicine. Also, these are associate with the dose take and the health condition of the patient. Some patients having poor health conditions may feel sides effects from a drug. But each drug producer tries to keep the side effects less by using different ingredients.

It cause different stomach related problems like nausea, gas, constipation pain in the abdomen. These are some significant side effects of this drug.

How to avoid side effects?

Sides effects may occur due to body intolerant with any ingredient. Or due to poor health condition. And also can be due to taking to medicines whose interaction with each other may cause serious health problems. 

To avoid side effects, take dry fruits, enough amount of water and regular exercise.

colestipol structure


colestipol mechanism of action

This drug binds with the bile acid and then it works. Colisted eliminates the biles acid from the stool. In the human body, the liver produces bile acid from cholesterol.

colestipol brand name

The brand name used for colestipol is Colestid.

colestipol dosage

Dosage for this drug is granules bottle, packets is 5g

And Tablet is 1g

colestipol dosage for diarrhoea is same as above

colestipol classcolestipol vs cholestyramine

These both are bile acid exchange drugs take these together to control cholesterol.

Warning and precautions

it may cause health issues. Keep out of children’s reach. Please place it in a dry and cool place. The drug must not  placed directly under the sunlight and on more than 25c temperature.

How to take it?

Swallow it with some water like other tablets. Do not crush it in the mouth.

Important Note

Always see the seal of the drug before taking it. And never use expired medicine.

colestipol overdose

Overdose of any drug causes serious results. So avoid the overdose of it. If accidentally these are take then contact your doctor as soon as possible.

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