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Sepco online bill check

Sepco online bill Welcome to the sepco online bill checking page. If you are a citizen of sukker or its surrounding cities and you are using the electricity distribution services provided by sukkur Electric Supply Company then you are on the right website because we are providing you very useful stuff related to SEPCO. On […]



Colestipol (what is Colestipol) Colestipol (Colisted) is a cholesterol lowering drug. It is also used to reduce some other fatty substances in the body. Colestipol(colestipol micronized) for diarrhoea treatment is also useful. Colestipol HCl is also used for lowering LDL in the body. This drug is specific because the intestine cannot not absorb it. It […]



Ursodiol Ursodiol ( also known as actigall generic) is a bile acid used to treat primary biliary cirrhosis. It decreases the amount of cholesterol in the human body produced by the liver and absorbed by the intestine. Ursodeoxycholic acid brand name of Ursodiol is also used instead of its actual name ursodiol over the counter. […]

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